McAlester Life Testimonials

McAlester Makers is in the process of creating a website that will act as a “recruitment tool” for individuals and organizations looking to bring to new residents to McAlester. We will be showing a curated snapshot of our community that is intended to help potential newcomers picture what their life could be like as part of our community.

When comparing communities – potential homes – it’s easy for people to look up the data – how many residents are there? What’s the size of a graduating class? Do they have a Starbucks? What’s the average residential price per square foot? What is often more difficult to communicate is what it’s like to live here – and at the individual level, this “quality of life” question often matters most.

Therefore, as part of this project, we would like to include testimonials from McAlester residents that help give more depth and humanity to the picture of “life in McAlester” than a simple list of amenities can do. If you are willing to share your point of view to aid this effort, please fill out the form below.

Example Testimonial – this is how your testimonial, image, name and title will appear on the site:

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We would like these testimonials to be as human as possible - we're trying to help people really imagine life in our community. A face to go along with each name (and testimonial) can go a long way towards that end. If you can, please provide a photo we can add to your testimonial. (if you don't have one on hand but want to get it to us later, that's alright too)
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Why did/do you (or you and your family) choose to live in McAlester? What do you enjoy most about this community? What stands out to you as a reason to choose living in McAlester versus anywhere else?